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Infratel Africa is a leading telecommunication infrastructure service provider in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. The company has steadily grown over the past years from a basic telecommunications infrastructure provider to a key player in the provision of RAN, backhaul and power as a service across Africa. Infratel provides services to a significant number of MNOs, government and telecommunication companies. The Company leverages its strategic alliances with key technical partners in the industry to deliver value to its clients

Alabi Tunji


Tunji Alabi has been an effective strategy director with over 30 years of proven international strategic leadership experience with demonstrated results in the operations and management of high value and mission critical projects in multi-platform environments. He has cross functional experience across many industries ranging from banking, oil and gas, telecommunications, Healthcare, FMCG and consulting. In addition, he has comprehensive experience in the acquisition of management information systems and in programme management including requirement analysis, design, integration and testing.

Tola Yusuf


Passion, Purpose, Pedigree. These are the ideals that transcended Tola to the precipice of a 2-decade career servicing humanity and touching lives positively. Having gained professional and academic training in Cost engineering, Business and Project Management, Tola was the best fit for his early Cost Engineering and Project Management roles. His passion for success while strategically managing high-level stakeholders in business helped him deliver strong financial and operational results.

Natasha Choudary


The ability to listen, liaise and sell are skills you want your Marketing Officer to possess, and we dare say Natasha possesses them and some more. Natasha not only listens to market trends and directs market research efforts to suit these trends, but she also liaises with partner businesses and departments to guide a unified approach to customer service and distribution, to meet market demands, ultimately translating to sales thus improved revenue.

Ogunnaike Ogundeko


Ogunnaike is a charismatic business professional with expertise garnered over 30 years of national and international business practice. In that time frame, he has shown his expertise in business development, product strategy and management, coordination of high-performance teams and quality control.

Steve Ogunfemi


Steve is a highly accomplished senior leader successful in building and motivating dynamic teams as a catalyst for positive and meaningful change. Marinated by 27 years of hands-on experience, he has demonstrated repeated successes leading the design, development and implementation of strategic and revolutionary business transformations.