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With global standard infrastructures and power solutions for telecommunication sites at our disposal, Infratel Africa is poised to partner with mobile network operators to provide reliable and affordable networking solutions. See our footprint Learn More or
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Everyone deserves access to dependable, affordable telephony services. With our foundational capabilities, we are sure to reach the most distant places with the best services. Learn More

Our Service Offering

Simply put, value! Value for network operators and ultimately for end-users. Our greatest asset is our team, hand-picked to deliver on our promise of value. With dependable products, irrefutable experience and immersive support, everything is in place to service the most mission-critical networks in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.


Being our marquee service deliverable, TowerCo service includes:
1. Colocation Facility: Our data center provides the facility that allows for multiple wireless broadband providers to service retailers at lower operational costs.
2. Service/Operations Management: We free MNOs of the worry of managing and maintaining their telephony infrastructure so they can focus on providing improved customer service.

Enterprise Service

1. Our fibre optics solutions help you do more, reach more and satisfy more!
2. Deliver unhindered high-speed broadband even in the remotest regions with our VSAT/MW solutions.
3. Build customer trust and privacy assurance with our Enterprise Information Security solutions.


Launched in 2019 to provide practical, alternative power support to Telecommunications sites, PowerCo offers:
1. Solar power solutions
2. Hybrid power solutions
4. Street lighting
5. Mini/Nano grid

Rural Transformation

Rural Telephony: Africa’s telecommunication development is our mandate. This means providing mobile telephony and wireless broadband access to under-served and un-served remote communities.
In addition to this, we include the following Value Added Services:
1. e-Finance
2. e-Agriculture
3. e-Learning
4. e-Health
5. e-Gaming
6. Community Wi-fi


Communication has always been a part of our history and culture. With Infratel Africa connecting Network Operators, Application Providers and RAN Provider Networks under a cooperative model, we can get Africa communicating more, doing more, growing more and unifying more. It’s a paradigm shift you should be part of!

Industry Leaders partner with Infratel delivering scalable telecommunications solutions in over 8 African countries

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